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Cooltone by CoolSculpting is an innovative way to tone, firm and strengthen the muscles in your abdomen, buttocks and thighs. Get a flatter stomach, firmer thighs and a tighter butt with Cooltone. Pure Aesthetics is Gainesville's most experienced body sculpting facility.

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At Pure Aesthetics Gainesville, we offer the latest technology of Body Toning, Cooltone! Cooltone is an innovative way to tone, firm and strengthen the muscles in your abdomen, thighs and butt. Get a flatter stomach, firmer thighs or a tighter butt in only 30 minutes! Similar to how your favorite workout can help define these areas, targeted Cooltone treatments can leave the targeted areas feeling stronger and looking toned and sculpted.

Pure Aesthetics is Gainesvilles #1 body contouring facility. Our team of body contouring professionals are highly trained and develop a personalized treatment plan that is right for you. We make it easy with complimentary one-one-one consultations and a customized treatment plan before your treatment begins!

How does Cooltone Work?

Cooltone works by using a process called magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS). The Cooltone device channels electromagnetic energy through your muscles, which causes involuntary contractions. Essentially the process is mimicking the muscle-toning mechanisms behind an actual workout (muscle fibers are contracted every time you squat, lunge, or crunch), but triggering stronger contractions than your body could achieve on its own.

The body then begins strengthening the muscles in your target treatment area, making them firmer and more toned. The entire process takes just 30 minutes and is performed in our private and relaxing Cooltone suite.

Cooltone vs. Emsculpt: What’s the difference? Which is better?

Emsculpt is a similar device and was released in 2018. It was one of the very first muscle-building devices on the market. While it works similarly to CoolTone, the difference is that Cooltone has 50 percent more magnetic intensity at the point of contact.

Cooltone is manufactured by Allergen, which is the same company that has CoolSculpting, BOTOX, Juvéderm, DiamondGlow, SkinMedica and more! Allergen is a well-known medical company and spends a lot of money on research and development of their products.

While there is very little difference between the two products, many patients tend to prefer Cooltone over Emsculpt because of the higher magnetic intensity and the familiarity and reputation of the Allergen brand and family of products.

What to Expect

The first step in your Cooltone journey is to think about what area or areas you want to treat. Remember, Cooltone is FDA approved to help you firm, tone, and strengthen the muscles in your abdomen, thighs and butt. Schedule your free CoolTone consultation at Pure Aesthetics by calling 352-332-7873(PURE) and start developing a list of questions for your body contouring expert.

During your complimentary consultation you will discuss what areas you’d like to treat, your body contouring goals, and ask questions about your treatment. You body contouring expert will assess to make sure you’re a good candidate for CoolTone and develop a personalized treatment plan for you. For most patients, 4 to 8 treatments are recommended over the course of 2 to 4 weeks to reach their body contouring goals.

At the beginning of your treatment, our provider will take photos to help track your before, during, and after progress of Cooltone. Next, your provider will place the applicators on the body part you are treating. The applicators use magnetic muscle stimulation (MMS) to cause involuntary contractions in the treated area. During the treatment, you will feel a series of muscle contractions over the targeted area that will last for a few seconds followed by rest. The treatment lasts 30 minutes.

After the treatment, patients may experience muscle pain for several hours, similar to the feeling of completing a hard workout. Over the following weeks and after additional treatments, you’ll notice that treated areas will be more toned, firmer, and you will feel stronger.

Cooltone FAQs

The Cooltone applicator is placed onto the desired treatment area, and then it goes to work by stimulating muscle contractions. It may feel intense, similar to how your abs might “burn” from holding a plank. Post-treatment, you could notice some residual muscle soreness — like what you might feel after a hard workout.

Each Cooltone treatment takes about 30 minutes. We recommend a series of 8 treatments over the course of 3 to 4 weeks to reach their body contouring goals.

This depends on the individual patient. If you continue to exercise and practice great nutrition, the results of CoolTone can certainly be long-lasting.

While most patients see some improvement almost immediately, depending on the area treated, it may take a few weeks for you to see the full effects of your CoolTone treatment.

Cooltone Before & Afters

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